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Challenge Overview:

No Way Out is an international online Educational challenge by Robots Got Talents. In this challenge each team made up from 2-4 students + 1-2 teachers will learn about Robotics, Coding and artificial Intelligence as they use their coding skills with ROBO the Virtual robot in ROBOMIND Software to finish all the missions in the “No way out Map”.


Participating teams are also asked to create a 2 to 5 minutes video or presentation that introduce their team, project and introduce the challenge to other people from all over the world.

If this is your first time to join a Robots Got Talents Challenge press here to open a guide that may help you.


WEDNESDAY 25 September 2019
Registration End date

Team Registration Ends (Teams cannot register after this date).

THURSDAY 26 September 2019

Submission open date

Teams can send their (submissions) codes, Project video and challenge photos.

FRIDAY 25 October 2019

Submission closing date

Submissions will not be accepted after this date

SATURDAY 25 October 2019

Challenge Judging Period

Judging of all eligible team submissions.

THURSDAY 31 October 2019

Ceremony Date

Announcement of the Challenge winners.

Note: all the following dates are according to the GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

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